Saturday, March 29, 2008

"Hopping" between Chile and Argentina

Firstly a little bit ourselves and our places where we lived before:
We used to live in Spain for about 9 years (Canary Islands, Ibiza and Mallorca).
After our son was born in Spain we moved to Germany for about 2 years.
This year, on the 1st of January, we moved to and arrived in South America - or better to say in Chile - without ever being before in the Country.

We expected to find the South American People with a Hispano-like mentality somehow like in Spain. Our main reason to move to South America was exactly this expectation ...
BUT - Chile is different, because the Chileans ARE different.
It's a beautiful country - maybe the safest to live. But we didn't found OUR personal quality of life, because we found everything to regulated, there is not so much Fun, can't find a "Hispano-like" mentality - and there are nearly no Cafés with outdoor terraces where you could sit, look, talk and enjoy your Café con leche or a good Desayuno.

In a future post we'll write more about what we experienced in Chile and why we're now moving to the other side of the 'Andes', to Argentina. We'll also tell about our impressions when we first visited Buenos Aires and Mendoza.
We still "hop" between both Countries for a while, as we have to - because of our business activities. So we will live in Buenos Aires and Mendoza, as well as some time of the year in Santiago de Chile.

In this Blog we'll talk about all this places, about us, about Living in Argentina ... and much more.

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